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'The friendly river town', Charlton is in the valley of the Avoca River in the last of the hillocks of the Victorian highlands. This rural town is situated at the junction of Calder Highway, halfway between Melbourne and Mildura in the Buloke Shire, and to the north-west of Bendigo, near Wedderburn and St Arnaud.

Discover Rural Region of Charlton

Unlike other towns along the Calder Highway, Charlton does not owe gold mining but is blessed with golden grains and famous for its agriculture and subsidiary industries. Established in the late 1800s as a grain growing area, Charlton warmly welcomes the whole of Australia and the world to enjoy the natural beauty, heritage and hospitality of this agricultural town.

Carlton relishes a hot, dry summer and mild to cool, wet winters. Visit the link below for Charlton Weather.

The downtown of Charlton is located on High Street. The river Avoca flows through the town centre, and walking tracks and parks are found beside the river. To get an extensive view of the landscape over Charlton and its surroundings, one should be heading up to Mount Dooboobetic, which is about 4 kilometres from the commercial centre, off Back Teddywaddy Road.

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There are many Places to see in Charlton.

Charlton has many charming places to visit, and this town provides you with the best country experience. You also could stop at Charlton to take a break from your road trip. As locals, we know how relaxing these country towns are, and our advice for you is to plan your next trip, school holiday or the weekend.

Things to do in Charlton

There are many events in Charlton throughout the year. When planning a trip to Charlton, you should find the best hotels or the best Charlton accommodation. You will have your expectation from Charlton hotels. Yes, we agree. The hotel prices and facilities should be worth travelling for. If you are visiting Charlton to be a part of any of these events, Charlton Motel Victoria is the place to be. Charlton Motel, 158 high street, Charlton, Vic, 3525, is approximately 1km from the city centre, and is under new management who are the experts and have been delivering an unforgettable experience to travellers at the famous countryside motel, the Goldseeker Wedderburn. The following are some of the popular events in Charton.

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Annual Australia Day Tennis Tournament is held in Charlton on Australia Day Long Weekend in January. It is a perfect break at the Charlton Motel Victoria for tennis fans.

Redback Rally, the famous motorcycle rally, is usually held on the second weekend of February in Charlton. It might be your sport of interest. Also, Charlton Film Festival is held at the Rex Theatre every February. Charlton Harness Racing Cup is held every March. If you are planning to visit any of these, Charlton Motel Victoria, is the best place for a stay.

If you were born and bred in Charlton, but residing in the city now, you might love to visit for the famous art Show held every October and the

Charlton A & P Society Annual Show held on the 3rd weekend in October. Charlton Motel Victoria, is here to shelter you to revisit your home once again. Charlton Fishing Competition is held every November, and you should check in at Charlton Motel to relax.

Where to rest on my way to Charlton


Charlton is 21 minutes from Wedderburn, and if you are looking for a perfect stopover, you can stay with us. Vacationers and travellers who love a good deal, Wedderburn Goldseeker Motel is the place to stay. But you might think why you would come to Wedderburn.

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Disabled Twin Room

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Family Room Accommodation in Charlton

Family Room

Twin room accommodation in Charlton

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Large Family Room Accommodation in Charlton

Large Family Room

How to book a stay at Goldseeker Motel?

Simply visit the above link and Select date from the date picker. Reserve now, Pay later. on our booking calendar's date picker, you can see previous month current and next month availability by rooms, and if you need to change the booking delete the selected date and save changes. . You could talk to our friendly team for more information, member prices, prices per night before you check in.

If you are travelling to Charlton we warmly welcome you stay either at 43-49 High Street, Wedderburn, Victoria 3518 or at 158 high Street, Charlton for the best country experience.

Stay awhile at Boort accommodation and you will be able to explore the Wedderburn town with a range of activities such as:

The Coach House Gallery and Museum

Hard Hill Tourist Reserve

Wedderburn Gold Battery

Eucalyptus Distillery

Soldiers Memorial Park

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Barrie Johnson's Detectors

Wychitella Flora and Fauna Reserve

Mount Korong

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Stay awhile at Wedderburn Goldseeker Motel and you will be able to explore the Inglewood and Wedderburn towns with the range of activities listed above.

Why Choose Wedderburn Motel if you are looking accommodation in Inglewood motel?

We offer 19 rooms to suit all needs, and we are confident that you will love your accommodation.

All rooms come with these facilities as standard;

  1. Air conditioning
  2. TV
  3. Free Wifi
  4. Tea /coffee
  5. Bar fridge
  6. Microwave
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Function Room

The large hall is directly next to the motel, making it great for a variety of activities while you're on the road. Around the hall, there is lots of parking and green space. Weddings, parties, business events, cultural performances, school examinations, dancing and yoga courses, local community gatherings, music events, and choir practice are all possible in the function space.

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We are with Australia's favorite motel chain with more than 100 motels regionally.

Do yourself a favor and take a break from the rush and hustle of city life by relaxing in our wonderful tiny town.

Wedderburn Goldseeker Motel, 43-49 High Street, Wedderburn, Victoria 3518

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