Loddon Valley – A family favourite destination

Loddon Valley is a real home from home. Known as “Victoria’s Backyard”, the beautiful countryside offers spectacular fun-factors for everyone in the family. If you plan a trip to rural Victoria or indeed the Loddon Valley, we recommend our top 6 must-dos when you visit this enthralling region.
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Kooyoora State Park

Kooyoora State Park is a perfect location to hang out with family and enjoy granite outcrops, Melville caves, ironbark forest, and much more. You can also experience many recreational activities, including; horse riding, camping, caving, bushwalking, and rock climbing. The area also offers a sheltered picnic ground with a fireplace to enjoy a chilly evening with your loved ones. The state park also provides approximately 300 species of fauna, and there is also flora to enjoy.

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Serpentine Creek Canoe Trail

It is a five-kilometre canoe trail with approximately six yellow buoys located at the point of interest to help the people visiting the location. The Serpentine Creek Canoe Trail's unique thing is the diversity of birdlife you get to experience above your head. At the same time, you can stroll along with your family to enjoy the natural beauty the place has to offer.

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Loddon River

To enjoy a great picnic with your family, head to the Loddon River at Bridgewater and gaze into the perfect view. You can witness the incredible scenery while experiencing many recreational activities including fishing, swimming in a natural pool, water skiing to have some fun, and much more. The Loddon weir keeps the water downstream between 16 to 23ft providing an opportunity for anglers to catch golden perch, silver perch, redfin, Murray cod, along with the native fish.

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Walking Tracks and Trails

There are approximately 14 locations mapped out across the entire Loddon valley where you can walk around and enjoy what the region offers, including orchids, daisies, fauna, flora, and much more. You can hike on mount Kooyoora and enjoy the view of the entire forest from the top location. The significant walking tracks are available at Bridgewater, Inglewood, pyramid hill, serpentine, and more beautiful areas. The sites are entirely safe and fun for families to enjoy and have a great time together.

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Terrick Terrick National Park

If you want to hike, then you have diverse options in Terrick national park, where you can enjoy the natural landscapes and embrace the incredible views with fresh air. During the hike to Mount Hope, you will get to observe the granite outcrops, and the pyramid hill has a diverse range of birds, reptiles, wildflowers, and natural grassland habitat.

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Wonders of the cosmos

The Loddon Valley has very low light pollution that makes it amongst the best locations for stargazing. The Loddon Valley's best sites include; Kooyoora State Park & Terrick Terrick national park that offers an excellent place for your family to enjoy the uninterrupted stargazing opportunity.

Let’s hit the road!

Appropriately nicknamed the "Backyard of Victoria", this beautiful region has a diverse range of opportunities for you and your family to enjoy the natural habitat. The possibilities are endless for everyone in the family thank it the regions diverse attractions. Beautiful landscapes and wildlife allow you to combine your stay into a memorable country trip. The locals are super friendly and easy-going, so the home from home feeling is felt everywhere!

We all love our backyards. It's just how Aussies are!

There is more to Victoria than Ballarat and Melbourne. Ready to explore? Known as Victoria’s back yard, the Loddon Valley region in Victoria offers magnificent outdoors, natural waterways, forests and state national parks. The unspoilt waterways are the perfect treat for a dip in the freshwater flowing gently through the valley.
The vast and abundant natural spaces are one of the greatest attractions in the whole of the Loddon Valley region. Nestled in central Victoria, the region is iconic for its rich industrial history, enviable landscapes, and natural habitat.
The gently flowing Loddon River is a paradise for canoeists to float downstream and whilst immersing in the beautiful natural surroundings. Not to mention, the locals are super-friendly and welcoming giving a warm vibe to the entire area.

On top of that, you’ll be spoilt for choice in choosing from bushwalks, stargazing at night, and camping trip in the great Victorian outdoors.
A trip to the historic gold country could prove to be a lucky journey when you strike some of the hidden nuggets under the forest floor.

Wedderburn was once famous for its gold mines providing riches to many Australians far and wide. Today, enthusiasts from around the world visit this part of Victoria to try their luck with a gold-detector. The biggest attractions, however, are the local bush, bird songs, and the tranquil countryside.

Wedderburn is your hub to explore the great central Victorian region. To the north is the scenic lake town of Boort ideal for any kind of water sport. Further south is Inglewood and Bendigo with vast open green spaces and abundant wildlife.

Visit the gorgeous back yard of Victoria at any time of the year and make Wedderburn your memorable stopover. With all the must-see attraction a stone’s throw away, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable Aussie road trip. Get your hiking boots, fill up the fuel tank and hit the road to explore the great Victorian central region.
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perfect for
family fun

Thanks to the diverse range of attractions in Wedderburn and the surrounding areas, everyone in the family will be spoilt for choice in keeping them entertained. The kids are sure to love a journey back in time at the Coach House Gallery and Museum. The volunteer-run museum is bursting with artifacts, crafts, photographic exhibitions by locals, and a periodic shop giving a flavour of the days in a bygone era. The delicious Devonshire tea is mush try and make your afternoon fanciful and refreshed.
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Ancient culture
and heritage

Did you know that the Loddon Valley region is the home to the world’s largest collection of scar trees carved by Australia’s ancestors? The ancient trees and the rich soil treasures 1000s of years of aboriginal culture and heritage in the Loddon Valley region. A handful (just about 10) of the extremely rare Canoe trees can be found in the bed of Lake Boort. To this day, you can see ancient cooking mounds made from clay used by the aboriginal families for generations scattered across the forest floor. See these beautiful remnants of Victoria’s heritage before they get buried to the ground, forever.

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